The Slaying Stone

Into Kiris Dahn

The Wilderness

While boldly travelling through the wilderness at night the party was able to make out the silhouette of a low tower in the darkness from which a swaying lantern beckoned them to safety. While approaching the party was surounded by a pack of ravenous half-starved wolves. With many injured an elderly woman beckoned everyone inside the safety of the tower.

Treona’s Tower

Once inside the tower the party is introduced to Seer Treona and a regal man in his mid-forties who also resides in the tower known as Kiris Alikirk. While talking to the two the party discovers that the town of Kiris Dahn was overrun by goblins 8 years ago when the town was unable to defend itself.

The Missing Stone

Kiris Dahn has previously withstood numerous threats thanks to the magic items know as slaying stones that the town had commissioned from teifling artisans many generations ago. There were an original 8 slaying stones but Treona has only recently discovered that there is a 9th. Treona requests that the party search out the missing stone within Kiris Dahn so that she might perform the ritual to destroy the stone before it falls into the wrong hands and more are produced.

Into Kiris Dahn

Accepting Treona’s request, the party sets out midday the following day. Rather than approach the town head on, the druid Enna successfully leads the party through the wilderness to the North side of the town where a small unguarded footbridge crosses the river bordering the town.

Once across the river the party stakes out one of the town’s many abandoned buildings so that it may be used as an outpost. After much deliberation over where to search for the stone the party finally sets out for the temple.

Kiris Hoyt

Approaching the temple the party finds the entry blocked by a lowered portcullis but discovers a side tunnel with a smaller door leading into the Shrine of the Moon. Finding the entry locked, Rolen sets to work and the lock clicks open in a matter of seconds.

The door is slowly pushed open just in time to see a skittish man slip through the shadows of the moonlit temple and behind one of the twin statues that stand astride a large basin. Unsheathing his shortsword, Joe demands that the man come out into the light. A man, dressed in what appear to be the clothes of a noble that have been worn continuously for many years and unwashed for just as long, cautiously moves out from behind the statue towards the party and introduces himself as Kiris Hoyt.

When questioned about why he’s in the town, anger flashes across Hoyt’s face as he recalls being left in the town to fend for himself while everyone fled the goblin invasion. Hoyt becomes even more flush when he discovers that Alikirk is living comfortably outside the city while he is trapped there living in squalor.

Hoyt also informs the party of the tenuous relationship between the goblins in the upper part of the town and the kobolds that they keep confined to the slums down by the city gate.

While the rest of the party bickers about what to do with Hoyt, Enna steps forward and bluntly asks him what if anything he knows of the missing slaying stone. Hoyt seems to recall tails of there being a ninth stone but has never actually seen it or confirmed its existence. However Hoyt does recall a rather large brass colored dragon digging around in the library and then retreating to the hot springs where it has been digging a lair.

As the party is questioning Hoyt, several goblins run up to the closed portcullis and one brandishes a silver dagger, points it at Hoyt, and shouts “KILL THE RAT MAN!” Upon noticing the others standing around Hoyt the goblin then shouts “Them too! KILL ALL RAT MANS!”. Behind the party a large thud is heard against the large double doors at the other end of the temple. As the sound repeats itself at regular intervals the door begins to buldge and splinter. The clouds overhead shift and moonlight bursts into the temple with full intensity. Hoyt cries out in pain as his body wrenches and hair starts to sprout from his skin, a tail grows rapidly, his ears and what is now a snout elongate, and his irises turn red. What used to be the figure of a man turns toward the party and screeches as saliva drips from a mouth full of incisors.


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